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Hello there! Iā€™m Francesco and this is my personal website.

I am a software developer based in Toronto Canada šŸ‡ØšŸ‡¦. I am originally from Italy šŸ‡®šŸ‡¹ and also lived in France šŸ‡«šŸ‡· for a number of years. I am interested in Web Development and working in Open Source.

Before switching paths and becoming a software developer, I previously worked in the finance sector after obtaining a university degree in economics. In 2020, I went back to school to learn how to code and it was one of the best decisions I have made!


I currently work as a software developer at Teknion, where I focus on the Teknion extension for the Configura CET Commercial Interiors application.

Web Dev and Open Source

My interest in Open Source started when I was a student working on Telescope: a blogging aggregator web app built using a React frontend and micro-services as backend. Today, I like to find and contribute to Open Source projects and stay up to date with the constantly evolving web development space.


Among others, these are the skills I am currently focused on:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • React